Log in to your Janey AI account at If you do not have an account, one will be created for you the first time you log in. Janey currently supports single sign-on with and via Auth0.

Janey AI Login SSO

API Request

The most basic unit of "work" for Janey AI is the API Request. Each time you send your content to Janey for analysis, one API Request is consumed. Even if you've previously sent very similar content for analysis, sending it again counts as an API Request. In the unlikely event that Janey does not return any results, please contact support for a credit.

In the future, there may be optional features that consume additional API Requests. The cost of an API Request depends on your subscription level. Note that the Unsplash photo search feature costs nothing.


A subscription is simply a bulk, discounted purchase of API Requests ("Included Requests") that automatically recur each month, at a pre-determined "Subscription Fee". Additional API Requests are charged per request ("Usage Fees"). At the end of your billing cycle, the fees are charged against the payment option you select as the default. Subscriptions and payment options are managed at

Switching Plans.

When you switch plans, any outstanding Subscription Fees and Usage Fees will be charged immediately. Before switching to a new plan, it's recommended to use all Included Requests, in order to get the maximum usage out of the plan before switching.


You can cancel at any time. Upon cancellation, any outstanding Subscription Fees and Usage Fees will be charged against your default payment option.